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Production Zürich Höngg in 1927
Rez Hairdresser-Barber Chair and Warm air dryer produced and sold until the early 70's
how it all began 
in 1927 the young Rudolf Eichenberger founded his Company the Rez Ag in Zurich    
Very soon his Company with its  hairdryers became a name for high Quality, design , technology power an endurance . Thru all the years, enormous value has been placed on the development and sale of further products. With equipment for commercial, industrial and public sanitary facilities, Rez AG rounds off its broad program.
Were it at the beginning of the known Hairdresser-barber  chairs on which one we had sat quite impatiently as a child, or the Rez Hoods  under which the ladies relished the gossip press, today it is the warm Air shower in different variations which makes continuing the story of the Rez Company
In the meantime, everyone knows Rez AG's warm Air Dryers, which are installed and used in 90% of Switzerland's school and sports facilities. 


Many years of experience in the field of thermo-technical devices has made Rez AG to the number one in public institutions and Schools

Rez AG– successful in washrooms facilites since over 90 years


Thanks to product quality, customised product solutions as well as efficient service, Rez AG has also acquired a very good name abroad. Modern design, eco-friendliness, energy saving as well as hygienically flawless products are the contributing factors of Rez AG’s excellent reputation.

this is how advertising appeared in the 1980's...
... and that is what advertising looks like today 
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